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Tour News Can I Bring A Camera To A Show?
Posted on 10-22-2004 at 01:20 PM

Michael Tremonti has given an answer to one of the most asked questions from all the fans; Can I bring a camera into a show? His response is:

I've recieved a ton of questions about this so I thought I would address it. Alter Bridge totally allows cameras at shows as long as they are not big professional ones. Small digitals or diposables are ok.

That being said, sometimes venue rules take precedent over our rules. Some venues will not allow cameras period. We never know untill the day of the show how the venue will respond with this. About 85% of the venues have been cool so far with cameras so the odds are good you can bring one in at most shows but be prepared to be denied in a few instances.

Hope this helps.


Article Source » Michael Tremonti

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